a cast of characters

I’m finding it difficult to keep track of the many characters we meet in these pages, and I’m the one inventing their names! With you, dear readers, in mind, I present to you: A Cast of Characters, or The Many People Elizabeth Meets in her Daily Wonderings.

Next time you’re perusing the site, wondering why someone would name a character “Dice,” look no farther than this page, which will remind you who Dice is in the first place, and it may or may no introduce you to a few previously unknown tidbits. PS these are alphabetical. I could not begin to choose favorites. You can sort by nickname below.


  • aunt.B. My aunt (duh).
    This is actually a bizarre nickname. I do have one a really good one that I always use that was made up by my dear father Tree. (It would seem my entire family has a thing avoiding given names.) But, alas, her real nickname is too widespread and using it would defeat the purpose at all. She’s my aunt, and she’s awesome. So, we go with “aunt.B.”
  • Dice. My sister (and best friend).
    When we were little, she did lots of the talking for us and made many of our decisions, as all good older sisters should. Our mom would call us to dinner saying, “Come on, guys! Dinner’s on!” I never knew what she was talking about but Dice always seemed to understand she was talking to us. Consequently, it didn’t take long for this 2-year old to determine that “guys” must be my sister’s name. (And because I had some serious complex-inducing speech issues as a child) I could only say “Dice” instead of “Guys” when I talked to her. I guess it stuck.
  • Edward. My flatmate.
    When I first wrote about this guy, I mentioned how social he was. My initial observation stands. He’s always out and about, attending lectures and parties, meeting friends and going to dinners. In between times, he’s studying hard for his MSc in Management, which I can only assume is similar to the MBAs we think of stateside.
  • EmmMy flatmate.
    Emm is a R
    ussian girl studying for an MSc in Public Administration. She and I have bonded over many cups of tea, a few online shopping excursions and, yes, some spontaneous beers at the pub across the street. Together, we try to stave off the mess that comes from a house full of boys.
  • favecuz. …My “favorite cousin” aka the littlest on my mom’s side.
    She’s a couple years younger than me, and somehow we always make plans that don’t stick, but I can call her up anytime and talk about anything. That’s an invaluable thing. We’re two peas from the same pod, two cousins cut from the same cloth, two… you get the point.
  • Gianni. My flatmate.
    Gianni joins us from Belgium, and is continuing to pursue economics degrees here in London. He is always scheming up a new business idea and can make any conversation traverse from light-hearted to meaning-of-life in 2.5 seconds flat. Schedule conversations with him before a big test; he’ll ask questions the professor never even thought of (an incredibly useful friend to have around!)
  • JD. My brother-in-law.
    I always wanted a brother. When I finally got one, I purposefully created a really epic first nickname…and then accidentally got our entire family to start referring to him by it (whoops!) I had to get creative because I like pseudonyms. Creativity, it seems, only strikes once. Apologies, my friend.
  • Kansas. My first friend in London.
    Not only is Kansas my first friend here, she lives in my building, is in the same program and also has an awesome-possum blog of her own. All of you should probably visit regularly, as I find myself wanting to post about the same things she does. Sometimes, I just let her do the hard work and enjoy reading her posts. Read along and you might find a very familiar face named “Martha” !! PS She posts lots of awesome photos, and some of them even have people in them!
  • Lorenzo. Our flat’s first guest.
    Because I think I said it fairly well the first time, I direct you back to this post to learn about Lorenzo. He visited for the weekend, and we hope he comes back.
  • mama.L. My dear mother.
    This one goes without saying. She is lovingly referred to as Mama L—- by many who know her, and even programmed in at least one phone that way. Although she’s not here with me this year, I’m quite certain she’s delivering motherly advice and an open dinner invitation to all those lucky enough to know her.
  • Mouse. Another favorite cousin.
    Yes, I have a lot of favorite cousins. This one happens to be exactly my age, which always was super cool all growing up (only 40 miles apart!). We went through a lot of the same milestones together, have more than enough inside jokes and would probably both admit that our favorite past time from ages 13-16 was making fun of his dear little sister, favecuz. (Yes, she’s the same one as above.) That probably wasn’t the nicest thing we could have done. I guess on behalf of us both, I apologize, favecuz.
  • Sushi. My college roommate.
    I could say so much about Sushi, like first of all I never called her Sushi. Her sister did though, and that is enough for me. All of my nick-names would be inappropriate or fairly revealing. Either way, she’s great. Read here about how I still keep a momento from college with me wherever I travel.

If you’ve noticed I’ve forgotten anyone, leave me a comment! I’ll add them straightaway.

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