On Family. (Denmark Part 1)

The most famous/beautiful street in the city

The most famous/beautiful street in the city

So, I recently got to go to Copenhagen. Which was, well, amazing. Apart from the fact that the city is amazing, I happen to have an aunt-of-sorts who lives there. We had a running joke all weekend about who, among the many various people we met up with, could name our relationship the fastest and most correctly. (Sadly, no one won.)

But the technicalities of who married whom, and which babies relate to which parents don’t really matter, do they? I live a 6 or 7 hour plane ride away from home. Not the other side of the world, but I’m not heading back for a Sunday brunch. And suddenly, I got off a 2 hour plane ride and was greeted by the most friendly loving face I can remember in an airport for ages. Two hours away, and here’s an aunt that I love ready to whisk me away from the doldrums of dorms and cheap sandwiches into the comfort of a real home (you might remember the importance of that!) and home-cooked meals. Not to mention the laughs, the snacking, the long walks and the good talks.

There really is nothing like family, and when yours is spread all over the world, it’s easy to feel sad because you don’t see them as often. With the power of modern technology, of course, I facetime nearly daily with various people in my life. And now, disguised as a get-away weekend, I’ve been given living proof that having an aunt in Copenhagen is amazing. It’s so nice to know that if I really needed it, I could just hop on a short plane-ride and be with family.

No, we didn’t just skip around the city holding hands the whole weekend. We actually did an incredible number of things, saw nearly every landmark the city boasts and ate enough food to feed a small army (oops!). But, more on that later.

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