The Union Jack Makes me Smile

The Union Jack always makes me smile. There I’ve said it. Now, on to more important things…

It’s been a while, but at least I can prove I’ve been up to something. I look at the list of potential topics I keep on my phone, and it’s getting embarrassingly long. I swear, though, it’s because I’ve just been so busy, doing so many awesome things!

Now that finals are over (more on that later!), and I think I’m starting to wind-down my jaunts across Europe (yes, here I promise you more future posts) I spend my days talking to bloggers about their experiences as part of the research phase of my dissertation (true, I’m sure I could find an entire post about that too). And after these incredibly rich and fulfilling conversations, I hang up with a heart-felt “Feel free to keep in touch! One day I’ll start blogging again…”. After I close Skype and turn off the recorder, I get a wave of guilt, hoping it isn’t just an empty promise to strangers on the phone.

Today, I realized as I was transcribing countless hours of conversation that so many of these amazing women tell me that they just enjoy their blogs. And I remembered, I love it too. All of my first term here, I spent hours a week, carefully crafting posts, trying to build a network and reflecting things learned, places seen and moments spent. Really, I came to London, and I Cradled Every Spark.

It’s funny how quickly things can become mundane, though. Even if we promise ourselves that we will notice each flower, do we sometimes forget? I can’t pass the Gherkin or the Shard or the (finally!!!) nearly complete “Walky-Talky” without taking a photo, so I’d like to tell myself that I’m here, every moment, every day. But, I think reflection is a crucial part of that.

So, here’s to you, dear bloggers out there. Thank you for reminding me that I’m alive, and it’s wonderful. Thank you for making me sit down and look around. School and exams and dissertations are part of the package, as are friends and speakeasys and walks through Regent’s Park. I feel like the last few months I’ve made lots of empty online promises, and it’s time to demonstrate rather than merely state.

Watch out folks, I’m back! And I’m ready to make a few new friends.

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