The “Christmas” Season is Here!

Window displays!

It’s pretty impossible to miss. Lights on every major street, fancy window displays, red cups at Starbucks, snowglobes everywhere. The holiday season has landed folks. There has been much deliberation lately about why it’s come so early, and most of the Americans I know here agree that without Thanksgiving, people start pouring out the holiday spirit directly after Halloween. I’ve been taking lots of photos, preparing lots of posts, but I was trying to keep back my own spirit until after turkey.

More window displays! So pretty, even if I was cheating on Apple by taking a photo of Another Brand.

Except the other night, I went ice skating in the most dreamy place imaginable. And I couldn’t hold it in anymore. I’ve already started collecting Christmas presents for my family, making plans with friends for my trip home, etc. So, as far as we at Cradle Every Spark is concerned, we are officially in the holiday season. This year, that will include Thanksgiving, and roll right through Xmas into New Year’s. Get excited. Lots of cheer, coming your way.

It’s also worth noting that apparently, in America, we are too politically correct. The holidays here are referred to as “Christmas.” “Holiday” is used, instead, to describe a trip, a vacation, a holiday from the everyday. People keep laughing when I ask them what they are doing for the holidays, and it sometimes leads to awkward conversations like “no, I’m not going on a holiday, I’m just spending Christmas in London.” oh.

In the spirit of my many friends and family members who don’t necessarily celebrate Christmas, though, we will continue to celebrate the holidays here.

Dancing Snowflakes!

Anyway, ice skating. I have been ice skating fewer than 5 times in my entire life. 3 of those occurrences were before age 10. 1 was last year, and 1 was last Friday. Just like last year, I left the ice thinking, “man, if I did this more often, I think I could get the hang of it!” Alas, I don’t do it often, and I am good friends with the railing and every other scaredy-cat out there. It’s amazing the friends you can make, bonding over your shaking knees, ridiculous posture, and sudden lack of a backbone.

The good news is that from the railing, you get to take some pretty (blurry, because yes, maybe I wasn’t good at standing still/balanced) pictures, wave at your real friends out there on the ice and talk to your new railing-dependent besties.

Maybe this year, I’ll go more than once. I’ll be doing triple axels by the new year.

The rink was in the center of the Somerset House courtyard.

The DJ was awesome. skating to DJ > skating to xmas carols.

2 responses to “The “Christmas” Season is Here!

    • Thanks, Chris! Ha, yeah, I don’t do personal photos here because it seems rather creepy. That, and, well I maybe didn’t do so much actual skating.

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