Burger Heaven

Second stop on CeeCee and Elizabeth’s Great Food Tour (it’s actually a little like an extended Culinary Safari): Gourmet Burger Kitchen.

Yes, yes, yes, it’s a chain. But anyone whose been to Hard Times Cafe for some late nite chilli or a little hockey celebration knows that sometimes you just gotta give chains a chance.

This place meant business. It’s a short order spot: place your order at the bar, sit back and enjoy peanuts and water with lime while they create and deliver to your table your dream burger. Burger Tap & Shake, anyone? Similar vibe, with a dash of beach and a bit more swank. (Ok, now I’m just getting hungry, comparing all these delicious food options. I know what’s on my list for my December trip home!)

The menu was pretty big considering they really just do burgers and sides (and shakes!), and included vegetarian options for those that the socially conscious meat couldn’t allure. Also, because I always like to know, they had lamb,  buffalo and wild boar options. But I just couldn’t stray from the good ol’ ethical beef.

As all good Americans know, burgers are not as simple as you think. Honestly, I rarely find a delicious one outside the states. It’s not that I dislike other countries (duh I’m living abroad), I just really really love a good burger. This one lived up to the standard. One of the google reviewers I read before going posted about his disappointment in finding his burger crumbling a little when he cut into it. I wanted to reply and tell him about how burgers are supposed to crumble a little. Unless they have breading. Or egg. But then, it’s not a burger. Instead, I held back my annoying opinions and just took a chance on a chain.

So worth it. Absolutely drool-worthy. They even had Savanna Dry (“it’s dry, but you can drink it”), a cider I loved in South Africa. It doesn’t get much better than a dripping burger, some fried and crunchy sides and an ice-cold Savanna Dry. We splurged a little and tried out both the onion rings and the fries, and I’m here to say, the onion rings were unbelievable.

The only down side? I’m writing this post in a super cute coffee shop with a friend, and he just informed me that I could have gotten a student discount just by flashing my ID. So that’s a few pounds I’ll never see again. Bonus? I’ll just have to go back.

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