Brunch at Lantana Cafe

My South African/lived in France/lived in Singapore/lived all over the world/you know the type friend and I are determined to locate and indulge in as many random small independent restaurants as possible while studying here. Obviously, before I can go farther I have to name her. I was going to call her Gorgeous, partly because she is, partly because she’s from a part of the world where people are called Gorgeous, and partly because she may have recently told me a little story about a childhood nickname. But, after thinking about it, talking about going to lunch with Gorgeous all the time might make me feel inadequate after a while. So, instead, I’m going to go with CeeCee. Literally, I did some google-perusing and came up with that. I’m not really sure how she’ll react, but she is so not a typical CeeCee that I am ok with it in an ironic way.

Anyway, back to that awesome looking food that made you click this post in the first place. Our first stop on our tour of Foodie London was Lantana Cafe. We went a few weeks back, but I’ve been having trouble finding time to tell you about it. Don’t worry, though, it is well worth the wait.

First of all, it’s on an adorable cobblestone street. We actually walked by it a few times before noticing it – that’s how awesomely inconspicuous this amazing food was. We had heard there was always a wait, and that it opened at 9. We set our alarms on Sunday morning, ventured out and finally found it got there at around 920. Every table (of about 12 2-tops) was already full. We were the second party in line.

Second of all, it was bustling. And it smelled soo good. Renowned for its coffee and memorable for its down-and-dirty, having-lunch-at-your-hipster-best-friend’s-house atmosphere, we knew we were in for a treat.  We looked at the menu for ever, ordered lattes/cappuccinos and had a funny conversation about types of bacon. (Why do Americans refer to the round bacon as Canadian? Because no one likes the round kind anyway, let’s just blame it on the Canadians! Turns out in the UK they call it “bacon” (the round kind) or “streaky bacon” (the, um, streaky kind.) What a better set of descriptors. Plus, it would mean we could all say “streaky” more often. Bonus!) Finally we ordered (you can imagine the deliberation).

I wanted to keep this post about the food, so I’ll cut to the chase.

Me: Grilled haloumi w roast tomatoes, poached eggs, dukkah, hummus and toasted Turkish bread

CeeCee: Bacon sandwich w HG Walter’s organic bacon, fried egg and Lantana tomato relish on sourdough toast



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