More Languages = More Cartoons

Remember that time 99.1% of the people I know and love most dearly speak Spanish perfectly? (PS If you listen to Clear Channel stations in DC, 2 points to the first person to understand the significance of that made-up percentage.)

And remember that time I kept trying to sign up for Spanish classes in Virginia, before convincing myself that no part of my free time after work would be effectively spent memorizing past participles? (You may, in fact, have multiple memories of this moment. I’m pretty sure I researched classes every semester after college…which adds up to enough that I should be embarrassed it never happened.)

It’s uncanny how much you use cartoons when studying foreign languages. I don’t have time for the Sunday Style section anymore, so I’ll take my cartoons where I can get them.

Well folks, it has happened. I have officially begun taking Spanish lessons at the LSE Language Center. Parentheticals aside, this time I mean it. They say that to remain on the “fast track” I’m on, which aims to “develop the ability to use Spanish effectively for purposes of practical communication in familiar work and social contexts,” I need to dedicate two hours per week to coursework outside of class.

Yesterday, I accidentally dedicated 5.

It’s not super clear yet whether studying for Spanish is a procrastination technique for writing numerous exhausting essays, or whether in time reading for my normal courses will become a procrastination technique for studying flashcards, but as of right now, I have my Spanish homework done, 1 of 2 essays for the weekend completed and no reading done for next week. It’s Sunday night…those stats might suggest that 5 hours on Spanish isn’t necessarily the most efficient use of time.

On the upside, out of the 60 practice questions I did yesterday, which included assigning masculine or feminine direct and indirect articles, making nouns plural and constructing simple phrases like “la democracia es un concepto,” I only got a handful wrong. Somehow, I even knew that “el limón” was masculine while “la reunion” was feminine, even though to the American eye it looks like they end in roughly the same letters.

I’m going to give credit for that small win to my 99.1% of fans who speak Spanish. And hope that my friendly words in your favor today act as a bribe for continual edits on my assignments for the next 24 weeks.

Hasta leugo! (because even though I won’t be seeing you soon, I don’t know how to say “talk to you later” yet…)

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