As a student at the LSE, I am automatically enrolled in a course called: Introduction to Qualitative Analysis. Average MSc student’s reaction? Panic.

We shouldn’t have.

I’ll provide below a brief summary of some of the things we’ve learned, as students in an introductory statistics course:

  • The intersection of a column and a row is known as a cell.
  • Even if you’ve never heard of the mean, you probably have used it. It’s also known as the average.
  • To calculate a mean, you simply need to add up all of the values, and then divide by the number of values. It’s simple, I promise.
  • Pie charts are useless if you make them 3D and blow them apart (“If you want a good laugh, Google ‘Fox News pie charts’.”)
  • This is the division sign: /
  • When we talk about a fraction, the top half is called the numerator. The bottom half is known as the denominator.

We have this 2-hour class weekly. The rest of our classes are 1 hour, but this stuff is too important to pass up.

(Full disclosure, I’ll note that I’ve glanced through the back of the book, and it gets more challenging. Check back in December for whether I’m concerned about the exam.)

PS: The photo is of the notes that got me into this program in the first time, compliments of the GRE. That’s something I’ll never have to do again.


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