Happy Birthday, House

Fooled you. It’s no one’s birthday. It’s more like my flat’s official Birth day. As in, it’s arrived! It’s finally Home. I not only finally own enough things to bake a celebratory cake, I’ve inaugurated them. Spurred on initially by a flatmate’s birthday, and then because it was Happy’s 5-month birthday, the cake was really just because. I feel like you never really need an excuse to make cake.

Anyway, I made a recipe I found online. It was an insane amount of sugar and butter and eggs, but interestingly had a bunch of yogurt in it too. The result was the perfect balance of sweet and almost tart. It was a little dense for my liking, but my flatmates did not seem to find any fault. (At the current rate, both cakes will be devoured in 24 hours flat.)

It’s amazing how something as simple as cake can act as the cherry that turns house to home.

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2 responses to “Happy Birthday, House

  1. yummy!!! i want a cake!!! happy loved his birthday cake, even though he could only see pictures of it :)

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