We Are Gathered Here Today…

This past Saturday, I attended my cousin’s wedding. In Tennessee. From my desk in my dorm in London. favecuz was a bridesmaid for her brother, Mouse, who was simply the picture of a dashing gentleman. He was, perhaps, outshone only by his lovely bride, who looked dazzling (as really only brides can).

Their official wedding date had been set for quite a while (and if we’re honest, we all knew it was coming long before that), but when I got the Save the Date I was crushed to find out it was going to be held a few weeks (2 short weeks!) after I left. If it was held later than that, I could have justified a trip home. If it was held earlier, I may have delayed my departure. But alas, scheduled for 2 days before classes started, I simply couldn’t make the trip home.

After approximately 2 minutes of fretting, I called my sister and said, “Dice, you’re just going to have to FaceTime me in.” She of course said, “Ok! Sounds great.”

And so I found myself Saturday night, sitting in my dorm room at 10:30 pm, wearing sweatpants, slippers and a fancy shirt, drinking wine and eating digestives. I’d even curled my hair and put on extra eyeliner for the occasion (a must, of course). JD and I had a practice call a few minutes before the expected “go time.” When Dice called at the designated hour, she gave me a quick tour of the gathered troops, including my mom, my aunts and uncles, cousins, extended family, friends, neighbors — all the good people you go to weddings to see. It was so amazing to be able to wave to them and say hello!! It was just like being there, without all the hugging. (I kind of love the hugging.)

Dice grabbed a choice seat on the aisle so I could see the processional, and then watch the main event without any head-bobbing interference. As favecuz walked down the aisle, she and I exchanged very excited hellos. I’m pretty sure Mouse didn’t see me, but I’m sure he knew I was there. His bride was absolutely gorgeous (did I say that already?) and I loved being there to support her as she joined our crazy family.

I heard the music. I prayed with the officiant. I laughed with the gathered family and friends as Mouse threw his head back and shouted, “I DO!!!”

It was incredible. And only a few years ago, impossible.

(Full disclosure: yes, I’m aware that the best part of any wedding is the party. And while the revelers went off to theirs, I just went to bed. I’m not too concerned, though, because I’ll be home for xmas and having more than one toast for the bride and groom.)


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