I’m A Student Again!

Classes have finally started. Three weeks after packing up my life and moving 3670 miles away, I find myself a full-time student attending 5 lectures, 4 seminars and 1 “field presentation” a week.

Four of the courses are compulsory and include pretty normal things like a theory class, a class about research methods (both of which are intended to assist us when it comes to writing our dissertations), a stats class (what?!) and a course specific to my course that looks at globalization and its relation to media and culture. The fifth seems to be the one I will enjoy most (based on the brief hour lecture we’ve had so far), and it looks at how people/images/cultures/products/etc are all represented in the media, as well as how our own cultural bias filters our reception of these images. Pretty cool stuff.

Campus at night, all lit up for an event.

The weird thing is, I’m sitting in all these classes and besides the incredibly long reading lists and the normal stress that comes with realizing I have 10 weeks to learn eons of material, write multiple essays, present a few times, attend a million extracurricular things that capitalize on my time here in London… besides all that, I’m doing exactly what I want to be doing. Obviously, we don’t sign up for stress, but it’s a good thing. Being stressed about something you’ve chosen out of a million different options and sacrificed money and time and opportunities for–is there anything better than that? When we look at our lives when we’re old and grey, shouldn’t we be able to see a trajectory chosen by us? One that makes us thrilled to wake up each morning, and proud to review the past?

Yes, this post is border-line too cheesy, but I’m a student again! My big thoughts are flowing and I just wanted to share :) That, plus all I’ve done all day is read page after page of really dense communications theory. I think my joking ability for the day is long gone.

(PS mama.L, it’s not like I ONLY did that for the day. Don’t worry about me! I also washed a bunch of dishes, when to the grocery store, spent an unusually long time at the gym, met with my academic adviser, attended a lecture, printed more reading for tomorrow, drank three cups of tea, cooked a big butternut squash soup for the week… well that’s about all I did, but I guess it’s a long–if dinky–list. Right?)


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