Curry/Drink Night: £6.45

I’m having a crisis of faith in economics. Really, it’s not a real science, it’s a voodoo science. We only think it’s real because people make it real. It becomes self-fulfilling.”

-Gianni, at Wednesday Curry/Drink night at the nearby pub. Other topics on the table:

  • Religion, and whether or not saying “I’m religious” is the same as saying “I’m Catholic/Protestant/etc.”
  • Politics, and who will win in America and what countries the election will affect
  • European Debt Crisis, and which countries owe other countries for their own livelihood
  • Medicine vs. Faith, and whether one is stronger than the other, or whether it even matters if it’s placebo
  • Small Businesses, and whether owning one allows to you achieve it all
  • Affirmative Action, and how it may or may not be relevant
  • America’s Culture of Scholarships/Debt, and how graduating in other countries means you don’t have debt
  • The American Dream, and whether it has a place in today’s global society (even with Bill Clinton’s recent redefinition)
  • Futures, and what we want to do with ours
  • And yes, long distance relationships



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