A Beacon of Hope

So I’m walking around Covent Garden, looking for a place to grab some lunch. It’s been a big morning, what with free personal training and school supply shopping. Kansas is headed to a yoga class shortly, but is helping me decide on where to eat/meet her after class.

I’m incredibly indecisive at the moment. The trouble is, I can’t decide between myriad vegetarian baguettes device options, because its not really what I want in the first place.

I look at Kansas and say: “honestly, I wish I could just eat Chipotle. That would be perfect!”

We turned a corner the second the words had passed my lips, and BAM: a beacon of hope. I didn’t even know they existed in London.

Tastes slightly different, but satisfaction level is exponentially higher than normal.

Manager even gave me a coupon for my American enthusiasm. Thank you.

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