Introducing Team Awesome

It’s an uncreative name, especially compared to Thunderball Mansion, my home from 2010-2011. But, good names take time. I didn’t want to postpone introductions any longer than necessary, just for the sake of a name. (Enter Shakespeare: what’s really in a name, anyway?) So, I present Team Awesome:

We are in a 6 bedroom flat, and you obviously already know yours truly. Three others have settled in and we are eagerly awaiting numbers 5 and 6. Although it’s only been a week, we’ve spent many nights in our kitchen/common room eating digestives, sharing tea and discussing every possible “heavy” topic: abortion, American politics, gun control, visas (Cuba, North Korea, the US)… the list continues.

The first person I met was Emm, a Russian girl studying Public Administration. She’s been here for a pre-sessional in Economics all summer, although it would seem that she is more than well equipped for the term. (She already has a masters in Economics, in addition to studying it in undergraduate classes.) Jokingly, she stopped going to class because she found it pointless – why study something so simple?! The rest of the class, however, has taken to teasing her about her incredible genius and high-end fashion sense (the byproduct of an unfortunately postponed laundry day that resulted in wearing a formal dress to one of the classes she did attend).

One of the people who may hold a small grudge against Emm for her superior economics skills is Gianni. Gianni joins us from Belgium, and is continuing to pursue economics degrees here in London. I’d like to interrupt this description of him to tell you that he specifically requested the name “Gianni,” the minute he heard that he would have a fake name on my blog. The name literally bubbled out of him – GIANNI! His Belgian friend, who was visiting last weekend and at dinner with Gianni, Kansas and I, immediately demanded his own name as well. His pick was Lorenzo. After learning Kansas got “Kansas,” he tried to backtrack in favor of “Brussels,” but I’m enacting the “go with your gut” clause and making him stick to Lorenzo.

Since Lorenzo was officially Team Awesome’s first overnight guest, today he receives the honor of his own paragraph. Don’t get confused though, this marshmellow-baking law student has big bakery aspirations in Belgium. A social media addict, he spent the week flitting between Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and FoodSpotter. He even made fun of Gianni for not getting applying for the paying job I got, as it was only advertised on Facebook and Gianni ignores the platform most days. Yet, when we asked him about Yelp, he thought we were crazy. Why would you trust the restaurant reviews of strangers? A self-proclamed “foodie” (and decidedly not a “food nerd” — I tried this label; it failed.), he promised over late night Subway (no one here calls it Scrubs!) to come back soon to try a local steakhouse with rave reviews.

Finally, we have Edward. I know him least well, but the few things I’ve observed make me think Edward is a suitable name: a) he has a very proper British accent. b) last night, he ironed his shirt before leaving the house (which always amazes me). c) he was very helpful in coordinating communal roommate supplies. He is from China, but has been studying in the UK for a while. Saturday night I went to a “PG Third Round,” which translates into the third all LSE post-graduate happy hour that has been held so far this year. There, I met many other people in Edward’s management course, all of whom were thrilled to learn that he is my flatmate, and were eager to describe him as “great” and “the most social guy!” Later, when I told Edward, he pointed out that if he were really the most social guy, he probably would have been at PG Third Round… Valid point. But I still think it bodes well.

Hopefully we meet the other two roommates soon! Today kicks off “Week 0” of the term, and classes start next Monday. This week is jam-packed with registering, orientation, departmental lunches and activities. I’m thinking that the final two members of Team Awesome are going to appear any second.


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