London, is it you?

Just a quick note. I hate to post without some great photos, but whoever packed for me must have forgotten to think ahead about converters and chargers and all of that…so my phone died before my first full day in this big city.

airport sink + hot water + no sleep = awkward teeth brushing awesomeness

Now I have no neat photos to share except for an unflattering one of my brushing my teeth in the airport. As my mom eloquently put it, “Your first act as a London Local!” I don’t know if I can classify as a local merely because I brush my teeth, but if it’s that easy, then sign me up. (PS yes, I realize there are million jokes in the making here about the UK and bad teeth, but in an effort to support my new people, I’ll leave them to you.)

Anyway, now I have a charger (woot!), and have registered as a full-time student at the London School of Economics. I’ve eaten fish and chips, and passed people on the left all day. I’ve officially registered with the National Health Service (who is going to leave a comment about that one?!). I’ve ridden 3 different lines on the tube, and learned to (accurately) call them by their arbitrary but logical names and not by their colors (strange customs! So easy to just call it yellow, right?). I apparently haven’t learned yet to use “colours” instead of “colors,” but just wait friends. Hope springs eternal.

More when I begin taking photos with my now very useful and photo-friendly phone. Until then, I hope each of you is cradling every spark, large and small, major and minor, unheard and unseen but felt with a bang.


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