this is the farm

the best tree

Looking out the kitchen window

I don’t have a whole lot to say about it right now, except I’m excited to spend as much time there this summer as possible. I know that once I leave the country, I’m going to miss it. There is something about these mountains that gets in your bloodstream, and when you’re separated, it hurts just a little more than you thought it would.

Every time we drive west, there is a point when we exit the highway, put down the windows, turn off the AC (no matter how hot it is) and breath it in. Sometimes it smells like sweet sweet heaven. Sometimes (just ask my friends!) it smells a little more sour. But it always smells like home.

This moment – open windows, loud music, winding roads – is probably a top 5 repeatable moment in my life.

When I get to London, this picture may stay in the featured post scroll, just so I can see it everyday.


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