i like to cook

and take photos of my food.

This picture was taken at the farm on Memorial Day weekend 2011, after we decided to grill our entire breakfast. What a success!

We started with hallowed out green peppers, fresh happy bacon, and halved tomatoes that had a delicious marinade on them. My Mama.L had heard on the radio about a way to cook eggs in the peppers, and bacon on a tray on the grill, and we were obviously up for the challenge.

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We ended up cutting the very top off of each of the peppers, and cooking it separately like a hat. That way, we could add it back on the peppers at the end of the production. Crack the eggs directly into the peppers, let them bake, and then top with cheese. The bacon cooks basically the same way as it would on the stove. Don’t forget to turn it, take it off when its done to your preference (I like mine crispy!). We added a fruit salad and called it delicious!

Bonus, all the food was farm fresh, full of protein and lots of good things like vitamins and minerals. (Veggies for breakfast? Yes please!)


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